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GSM coverage

GSM coverage

Linnex Technology designs, supplies, installs and boots GSM coverage systems in different factories in the food sector in difficult GSM radio coverage.

High security DMR

High security DMR

Linnex Technology implements and supplies high security DMR digital radiocommunication systems for various malls in the country. The systems generally consist of two repeater stations, including a...

TETRA hospitals

TETRA hospitals

Linnex Technology improves TETRA critical communications coverage at several regional-level hospitals by installing high-tech coverage expanders and radiant systems to improve coverage.

About Us

LINNEX TECHNOLOGY is a company founded in 2012 with innovative technological capacity and extensive experience in the professional radiocommunications, with highly qualified people and more than 25 years of experience.
Linnex Technology offers comprehensive solutions, including consulting services, engineering, technical assistance, facilities and maintenance.
We supply a wide range of products for professional radiocommunications. The technical and commercial department offer solutions that meet the needs in the applications of various technologies.


Linnex Technology offers a wide range of solutions and services in the areas of professional radiocommunications:



GSM, TETRA and DMR coverage measurement

Equipment rental

Advice and maintenance

Supply and installation of infrastructure

Audits and legalizations

Implementation of TETRA, DMR, PMR and POC networks

Digital network design

Special assemblies

Systems integration

Traffic planning and number of users


Linnex Technology offers a wide range of products from the leading brands in the sector in any field of professional radiocommunications


  • Portable / mobile terminalsPMR-DMR-TETRA-POC
  • Accessories PMR-DMR-TETRA-POC
  • Coverage expanders / repeaters DMR-TETRA-GSM-LTE
  • Maritime communications
  • Aerial communications
  • Voice over IP communications
  • Radio links Wifi-WiMax-Zigbee
  • Networks in restricted areas ATEX
  • Security accessories


Mainly, our products and projects are intended for:

Rural zones


Coastal zones





Large shopping malls

Sports centers

Sports zones

Nautical clubs

Prisons and Police centers


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